About Us

We are quarrying and producing the most beautiful and unique coral/shell stone tiles in the world. 130 million years old fossil stones composed of corals, shells, fishes and other minerals under the sea are now coming to the world for the construction and building materials.

We are also supplying crushed ones for sintering process in steel, paper making, cement making, desulphurization, water waste treatment, glass making, concrete mixing plant, ceramic tile making, filter, feed mill, beach sand, etc.

Mechanical Test:

Test Items Unit Results Test Method
Compressive Strength N/mm 88.9 KS F 2519 : 2000
Specific Gravity - 2.58 KS F 2818 : 2005
Absorption % 0.71 KS F 2518 : 2005

Chemical Test:

  pH CaO Ca MgO Mg SiO2 Fe2O3 Al2O3 S P2O3 H2O
% 9.9 34.44 23.11 18.04 12.35 0.58 0.11 0.09 0.04 0.02 4.89

1. Quarry
Our quarry is just located beside the the stone processing plant.

2. Factory
We have complete stone processing machinery line from slicing, trimming, calibrating, polishing machine, etc